Pell Road

Emergency Washout - Pell Road



Pell Road

Completion Date:

March 19th 2021


Stokes County, NC


NCDOT Division 9 Bridge Maintenance

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Pell Road, a Secondary Route located in Stokes County, was completely washed away due to heavy rains in the area. The existing Multi-barrel pipes could no longer carry the excessive amount of storm water generated from the recent rains and the ends of the existing culvert were unprotected making the pipes vulnerable to scour.

Our Solution

A single span opening using a16’-10” Span x8’-3” Rise AluminumBoxCulvert to maximized waterway area combined with Aluminum Structural plate headwalls fully welded to the ends of the structure to protect the roadway from future scour. Internal baffle walls were designed inside the box culvert to create a low flow meandering stream path promoting aquatic passage inside the structure.

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