Gates & Valves

Control Water Flow

Aluminum Shear Gate

Our 8” diameter aluminum shear gate is designed to fit a flanged pipe end or can be installed in a flat back application. This gate pivots on a center point and operates in a completely opened or closed position.Recommended maximum seated head pressures are up to 10 feet. They are an economical and durable gate and are ideal for small farm or water quality detention ponds.

Canal Gates CL-10 or CL-20

These gates have cast iron heads with bass seats and are designed for low to medium pressures up to 35 feet seated and 10 feet unseated. They are typically used in treatment plants, flood control projects, irrigation canals, and diversion stands.

AC-31 ALuminum Canal Gate

We offer best-in-class performance for corrosion-resistance, rust-proof installations. The superior design is rugged and durable, yet lightweight and easy to install. Fabricated aluminum eliminates electrolysis that occurs when using cast iron gates with aluminum pipe. They are a available in 8" to 84" in diameter.

Wafer Style Butterfly Valve

These high-performance butterfly valves are designed to be used in-line or at ends of pipes that are conveying fluid and are available in 4” – 12” in diameter. The valve has a built-in gasket on either side that is compressed when installed between flanged end pipes.

H-30 Cast Iron Line Gates

H-30 Cast Iron Line Gates are built for direct installation into pipelines to eliminate the use of capped stands or standpipes. The heavy cast iron construction is designed for longevity and is engineered to withstand constant usage over long periods of time. They are available in diameters ranging from 6” to 30”.