Fiberglass Pipe

A Pipe Product


Fiberglass pipes are strong and lightweight offering chemical resistance to sewer gas that is prevalent in today’s sewer systems and offers a wide variety of sizes range from 18" to 120" in diameter. They are constructed from polyester resin, sand, and fiberglass fibers that are spun into a composite wall pipe that can deliver a design service life up to 100 years or more. Because of the versatility in the manufacturing process, this pipe can be designed for pressure and non-pressure applications. Its smooth interior surface allows for a Manning’s roughness coefficient 0.009 which helps convey more fluid. In-line fittings such as tees, elbows, and reducers paired with our fiberglass manhole system allow for an owner or municipality to have a totally inert and watertight sewer system eliminating concrete structures completely. 

Fiberglass pipes are also a great solution for slip lining old and failing sewer or culvert pipes. Using the flush reline joint allows for maximum sizing and ease of installation and because of its high compressive strength they can be safely pushed long distances.