Slotted Drain

A Pipe Product


Slotted Drain is a practical and affect product to remove surface water runoff on streets, parking lots, driveway accesses, or any area where sheet flow occurs on imperious surfaces. The slotted grate which is 1 & 1/2" wide at surface level offers a less intrusive and exposed area to capture the water flow along the length of the pipe in two directions. Standard grate heights are 2 & 1/2" or 6" above the crown of the pipe with variable height gates available for slope conditions and are rated for highway and airport vehicle loading. Slotted Drain is available in round diameters starting at 12" with standard lengths of 10' & 20'. Special lengths can be provided for the exact distances needed on your project.  It is offered in either corrugated Aluminum Alloy or in Galvanized / Aluminized Type 2 steel pipe material.