Concrete Cloth

An erosion control product.


Concrete Cloth is a flexible geosynthetic cementitious composite mat that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable concrete layer. The composite mat consists of a formulated concrete mix that is sandwiched between a 3D Fiber matrix top layer and a PVC Backing layer. It combines the flexibility of geotextile fabrics with the durability of hardened concrete. The flexible fabric allows the mat to bend and curve following the natural contours of the land including ditches and slopes. It is available in three thicknesses to meet your application needs.

  • CC5 (5 mm OR 0.2 inches)
  • CC8 (8 mm OR 0.3 inches)
  • CC13 (13 mm OR 0.5 inches)


  • Ditch Lining (CC5 OR CC8 Recommended)
  • Slope Protection (CC5 OR CC8 Recommended)
  • Culvert Reline (CC8 OR CC13 Recommended)
  • Berm Lining (CC5, CC8, OR CC13 Recommended)