Wall Coping

A Crafted Clay Product


Vitrified Clay Wall Coping is used to cover, protect, and architecturally enhance the top of an exterior masonry block wall. These clay tiles are offered in four standard styles Camel Back, Single Slant, Double Slant, and Streamline and can be Salt Glazed to give a darker red shinney finish. All styles come in 9” and 13” inside widths to accommodate 8” and 12” thick walls. The Double Slant style is available in larger widths of 18” and 21” and the Streamline style can be supplied in an 18” width. Wall coping is manufactured in 2 ft. laying lengths and have bell/spigot ends with Starter and End pieces that can be ordered to complete the coverage of the wall. 90-degree elbow pieces can be supplied to accommodate right-angle turns.