Rumford Fireplaces

A Crafted Clay Product


A fireplace that keeps you warm! Rumford Fireplaces are tall and elegant. Their shallow design enables them to reflect more heat into the room while carrying away the smoke with little loss of heated room air. Our Rumford fireplace components come pre-engineered for you so the fireplace will be efficient and draw extremely well. These components consist of a clay throat, smoke chamber, and cast-iron damper that work with the desired firebox opening or width you want to build. By using these components guarantees that all critical ratios (depth to width, throat -to-fireplace opening, smoke chamber, and flue size) are engineered so that the fireplace will be efficient and draw well. So all your mason has to do is build the firebox out of fire brick, set the throat, damper, and smoke chamber, and continue up with the pre-determined sized flue liner that matches your design.