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Often one pipe is not sufficient to carry the peak water flows that may occur at a stream crossing after rain events occur. One option for solving this problem is to install additional pipes side by side to handle the peak flows so as to avoid the water periodically going over the top of the road. Often the center pipe is larger than the ones on either side as shown in the picture.

The Triple-Barrel Pipe Culvert with Headwalls is made of three pipes:

  • 1 - 90" dia 12ga Aluminum Pipe
  • 2 - 78" dia 12ga Aluminum Pipes 110' long each with fully welded Aluminum Structural Plate Headwalls and Wingwalls
    • Headwalls 32' wide x 17' high
    • Wingwalls- all 23' wide

Combined with Aluminum Structural Plate Headwalls this aluminum pipe installation was cost effective and was installed in less than a week.