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NCDOT Alamance Bridge Maintenance on Highway 86 in Orange County

This project was completed on seven different sites by NCDOT Alamance Bridge Maintenance forces on Highway 86 in Orange County. It is a very busy highway so road closures were not an option and minimum traffic control was a must. Using this system saved the NCDOT time and money while allowing the crew to work in a safe environment. All seven sites were complete in only six weeks.

Working with NCDOT, we extended seven (7) existing cast-in-place concrete box culverts using an aluminum box sleeve that is welded to an aluminum pipe with a headwall. The smooth sleeve slides inside of the existing concrete box culvert and is anchored to the box culvert using concrete anchor bolts. These pictures were taken at of one of the seven sites where we had existing triple barrel 8’ x 6’ concrete box culverts. They were extended on both the inlet and outlet ends.