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NCDOT Bridge Maintenance with Concrete Cloth
I 95 at Highway 87 in Cumberland County, North Carolina

NCDOT Bridge Maintenance Division 6 had a major erosion problem at the bridge piles underneath I 95 @ Highway 87 in Cumberland County. The bridge deck above was leaking water at the joint, cascading down and eroding the slope that protects the bridge pile.They were constantly fixing it, so they decided to use Milliken® Concrete Cloth® (CC8) to solve the problem.

First, the subgrade was prepared. Next, the CC8 was keyed in at the top, bottom and sides into the ground about 1 foot. Hydration began immediately. Finally, once the cloth sets up, the NCDOT will grout between the cloth and the bridge pile.

The whole process was done by their own crew and was completed in approximately two hours.