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ALSP Pipe Arch for the City of Fayetteville, NC

This project began with a call from Giselle Rodriguez, the City Engineer for the City of Fayetteville. An entire road washed-out causing the loss of sewer and water services to their customers. They needed to get the road open quickly.

The consultant engineer who designed this was Jonathan Scarce with Mulkey and Associates. Originally, the design called out for a pre-cast box culvert with a drop or step-down in the structure to accommodate for the severe grade change between the inlet and outlet ends. After studying the situation the engineer decided to specify and design an Aluminum Structural Plate pipe arch with two internal vertical elbows to accommodate for the grade change and dodge a 8" diameter gravity sewer line that ran above the culvert. The broken back arch culvert was also designed with 8 alternating internal baffles to allow for the stream to meander through the culvert under normal or non-storm, flow conditions as well as to help reduce the flow velocity of the water at the outlet end under a storm event where high flows would be expected.

The culvert was installed by Sandy's Backhoe service who used our assembly crew to assemble the structure in just one day allowing for the contractor to get the pipe arch structure safely backfilled before a major storm event.