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NC DOT Bridge Maintenance Division 6 prepares to set twin barrel Aluminum Structural Plate Pipe Arch 12'-11" Span x 7'6" Rise with fully welded Aluminum Headwalls. This is just one of many successful projects where their own forces have utilized this system to replace aging and failing culverts throughout the state of North Carolina.

These Aluminum Pipe and Headwall systems are benefiting the state in many ways compared to the previous construction methods used in the past. Aluminum's light weight and high strength enable the entire pipeline to be assembled out of the trench and set as one piece eliminating trench failure concerns with workers and dewatering issues that usually arise with culvert installations.

The system eliminates the need to form or pour any concrete which reduces road closure time. These structures are also environmentally friendly and are gaining tremendous acceptance from government agencies where water quality issues and wetland disturbances are a concern.