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Our 2-flange Liner Plate offers the highest continuous ring stiffness as well as high compression joint strength. The 2-flange Liner Plate has effective stiffness that is more than twice that of the same gage (thickness) of 4-flange Liner Plate.

Our 2-flange Liner Plate provides corrugations extending through the lapped longitudinal joint. When assembled, this liner functions as a corrugated pipe with continuous circumferential corrugations. The result is more effective corrugation performance for the highest stiffness and strength in the industry!

Our Tunnel Liner Plate provides optimum shaft stability and protection when constructing new utility tunnels, relining structures under highways and railroads, and for lining vertical shafts. It's got the strength to handle the inconsistencies encountered on a regular basis providing extra safety factor when you need it most.