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Pomona Pipe Products is a distributor of all Tensar® products including the Triton® Filter Mattress System. This was developed to address challenging underwater installations, providing a method to deploy, place and secure geotextile fabric in deep water and strong currents. A Triton® Filter Mattress features a geotextile fabric encapsulated within or attached to the bottom of a stone-filled mattress made of Tensar® Geogrid. The stone fill provides ballast weight for the fabric as well as a bedding layer for additional riprap or armor stone.

Triton® Coastal and Waterway Systems feature a number of innovative composite marine structures used for construction applications in and around water. Triton Systems are made of advanced geogrid and geotextile materials and are designed to be integrated with available fill and/or vegetation.

Triton® Systems are typically used for the following applications:

  • Erosion control projects
  • Foundations or cores for breakwaters, groins, etc.
  • High-strength fills built in submerged conditions or with weak fill materials
  • Channel linings and bridge scour protection
  • Causeways, levees, dikes and bridge approach projects
  • In situ capping of contaminated sediments
  • Shore protection and sediment dewatering